February 28, 2009

A Prayer for Driving in Traffic

The following Celtic Prayer was written by the South/Central neighborhood group. Click here to see the other prayers.

Most Holy God.
You are always with me wherever I have to go.
You see me when I leave home and when I return.
Yet in between, there are moments when I need you.

Rushed, hurried, trying to beat the clock,
     cars in front of me at a standstill.
I’m angry and agitated and impatient.
Grant me a heart that remembers there are people in each car.
Not dispensable, but a human life.
Each passenger has a story you have written.

As I’m trapped behind a door,
Let me open my window
To consider the beauty and lives around me.

     those hurting,
     those celebrating,
     those rushed,
     those procrastinating.
Let me open my window to see your creation – birds, trees, the wind, the sunsets.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle may I find peace.
May I use this time to grow closer to you.

[Photo by atxbill @ Flickr]

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