February 28, 2009

A Prayer for Doing Laundry

The following Celtic Prayer was written by the South/Central neighborhood group. Click here to see the other prayers.

Holy God, three in one.
Give me your perspective as I wash these clothes.

Creator, Father,
Thank you for providing the clothes that we wear
     and for all the resources
     and technology we use to wash them.
Help us to remember all the skill and effort of the people
     who designed and assembled these garments.
Bless them, wherever they may be.

Make us more like you.
Give me your humility as I serve my loved ones.
May we find our identity in you and not in these clothes.
Help us to be good stewards of what you’ve given us,
     but not to treasure them beyond their purpose.

Holy Spirit,
Use this task to remind me that you’re continually
     cleansing me and my loved ones.
Prepare us for tomorrow as we put on our clean clothes,
     that we may have a fresh start to serve and honor you.

[Photo by katiemalone @ Flickr]

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