February 26, 2009

A Commute Prayer

The following Celtic Prayer was written by the Midtown neighborhood group. Click here to see the other prayers.

Holy God, three in One.

I pray for the commute to come,
And thank you for a physically effortless one
I give thanks for the presence of Your Holy Angels
     that protect our bones,
And for blessing those that designed the crumple zones.
That the car I drive will protect us from the dangers out there.
From the harsh sun and the pollen infested air.

Please let me be more aware of what surrounds me
For the person in need, please allow me to be generous
For the people waiting at the bus stop,
     give them shelter from the elements
For the news we hear on the radio,
     we know you are working still
I praise you for the beauty of nature
     in the midst of our construction

God… the traffic is bad.
Give me solidarity with those around me,
and realize we all have places to go.
Forgive me of my bad decisions today,
as I forgive the poor decisions of those people around me.
May i not be quick to anger
Help me not dwell on what I can’t change
     on the road right now,
But instead focus on what I can change
     when I reach my destination.
As I spend time in my car today
Make me aware of people I need to care for
And situations where I can make a difference.

[Photo by brianscotty @ Flickr]

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