January 8, 2009

[Vox News] Second Saturday Part II Edition

[Vox Liturgy]
Come join us this Sunday as we continue to journey through the church calendar, otherwise known as the Lectionary. 11am at 5619 Airport Blvd.

[Second Saturday]
Second Saturdays will be happening this Saturday at 7pm. Space12 will be opening its doors every second Saturday for crafts, board games and general social excitement. Bring your board games, crochet needles and some neighbors and come hang out. (Ping pong and Foosball and other vigorous activities are also available).

In addition to all the boisterous festivities, we will be having a film viewing starting at 7:30pm. For your viewing pleasure, we will be showing the hit Television show Arrested Development. If you haven’t seen it, come join us as we start from the beginning with Season 1, Episode 1.

For more information, please see the Second Saturday facebook group.

[Vox Getaway]
1 week to go!! Many hours have been spent by many, many people to put together this Getaway. We are beyond confident that this will not only be a really fun weekend, but a time where we explore how our community can be an impact to the Global Parish. Space is still available, so sign up if you haven’t already. Here’s a recap of the Getaway details:

Date – January 16-18, 2009
Location – Camp Buckner
Theme – The Global Parish
Speaker – Dwight Friesen
Cost – $119 College/$150 Postgrad
Questions – email us or check out facebook

We are beginning to organize rides, so if you are in need of a ride, or are willing to offer a ride, please send us an email.

[Spring Neighborhoods]
We’ll be resuming our Neighborhood groups after the Community Getaway (the week of Jan 25). In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us.

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