January 22, 2009

[Vox News] Inauguration Week Edition

Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of our Community Getaway this past weekend!

[Vox Liturgy]
Come join us this Sunday as we begin a new journey through the new series entitled Reconnection. This week, we will be exploring the idea of ‘Unlikely Leadership’ through the life of Paul as found in Acts 9. Here’s a glimpse into the heart behind this series:

How does reconnecting people to God fit in with restoring health to individuals and a city? As we serve Austin emotionally and physically, can health be found without reconnecting to the source of health? Join us for a 5 week conversation as we discover how the early church holistically reconnected urban communities to God. (Each week we will also highlight a historical stream of the church and how they handled reconnection.)

Our Neighborhood groups will be resuming next week (the week of Jan 25). As a community, we’ll be talking through what Spiritual Formation means and what it might look like. If you have any questions, email us. For details of when and where we meet, check out the map.

[AMP Invitation]
AMP is a monthly gathering where we give vision and encouragement to the leadership at Vox, as well as discuss ways to better live the Church. For our next AMP gathering, we would like to open it up to the entire Vox community, as we will be continuing the Q&A time that began at this past weekend’s Getaway. We received many questions from the community regarding different theological and operational issues pertaining to the Vox Community, and would like to have anyone and everyone who is interested to be a part of this Q&A time. We will be meeting at Space 12 next Saturday, January 31st from 10am-12pm, so please join us if you can.

Feel free to add the event on facebook.

[Giving Statements]
Giving statements from 2008 (to help with your tax preparations) can be picked up this Sunday at the front table at Mosaic. If you have any questions, please email us. Also, if you want to setup automated giving via EFT, go to www.voxveniae.com/giving. Thanks again for your generosity in helping us be generous with Austin and the world!

[Photo by speedye @ Flickr]

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