August 23, 2008

Neighborhoods FAQs

We are called to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength. However, evaluating that life can be nebulous. Fortunately, Jesus gave us some context to living that out – if you want to know how well you love God, look at how you love your neighbor – they are one in the same.

Why do we meet based on where we live geographically?

The church is not a place or a building, but it’s us and where we are. We feel that God’s called us to live the church in the actual places where we live and work. Meeting together by our local neighborhoods reminds us to connect with our neighbors and be the hands and feet of Christ to them.

Why do we meet bi-weekly?

We don’t want to fill our schedule solely with “church activities”. Having off weeks allows us to be a part of something outside our church community and not clutter the rhythm of our lives with meetings.

Are Neighborhoods a Bible study?

Looking and talking through the Scriptures is one part of our Neighborhood groups. Not only do we want to know what the Scriptures say, but our desire is for us as a community to figure out what it means to live the Scriptures out in the context of our neighbors. The emphasis is on the practical application of Scripture.

How do you decide what is discussed within the neighborhoods?

We look at Scripture and/or articles that tie back to the Sunday liturgy. Again, it’s a chance for the community to discover together and wrestle through what it means to apply the Scriptures in the context of our neighbors.

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