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Rough Ways

As we continue the Advent season, Jason Minnix reflects on the invitation to interior preparation to get ready for eventual peace and a return to who we really are [Luke 3:1-6]. Reflection What would it look like to let go of who I think I am (unworthy, selfish, controlling, etc.) and reconnect with my deep self? (loved, compassionate, curious) How […]

Transforming Problems

Chris Morton reflects on how we navigate problems in our lives and how it is connected with our worship and community [John 4:1-26, 39-42]. Reflection Do I know what I have and don’t have to give to God? Does my worship bring life or death to myself and others?

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 01.22.12

Liturgy “Epiphany on the Jordan” by Malcolm Guite Beginning here we glimpse the Three-in-one; The river runs, the clouds are torn apart, The Father speaks, the Sprit and the Son Reveal to us the single loving heart That beats behind the being of all things And calls and keeps and kindles us to light. The dove descends, the spirit soars […]