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Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.9.17

Liturgy Each person in this room is a kaleidoscopeof feelings, experiences, thoughts and skills.Always changing, and always showing adifferent aspect of God’s creativity. Each person brings a worldview so richonly their Creator can truly understand it. Our collective body is beautiful in its many parts,Yet it is made truly magnificent whenit comes togetherto seek understanding,acceptance, and love of the other. […]

Shared Leadership as Resistance

How is a practice of shared leadership resistance against oppressive and harmful structures? Weylin Lee vulnerably reflects on the journey of Vox from hierarchy toward non-hierarchy and how this practice is a form of resistance. [Philippians 2:1-8] Reflection Who are the voices we need to include at the table? In what ways might you practice love with the most vulnerable? […]

Fits and Starts

On this Easter Sunday, Christopher Mack reflects on the paradox of resurrection love and the invitation that Jesus’ nonviolence offers us towards peacemaking [Luke 24:1-11]. Reflection Where is Christ inviting you to shift perspectives to find life in death? How might forgiveness, righteous anger, and nonviolent resistance call you toward hopeful action?