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Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2023.12.03

Liturgy Vox Community, today is our first Sunday of Advent. As we light the candle of Hope,We pray to find peace and a moment of warmth. The cold wind blows outside and shakes the dead leaves,But we are safe here in the light of a collective fire.Forever searching, may we find respite in this time spent together. As we embark […]


What helps you hold on? On the first Sunday of Advent, Gena St. David wades into the wilderness to grasp onto hope in these challenging times. [1 Corinthians 1:3-7] Reflection How is love helping me hold on? Which parts of life feel like caterpillar soup? How am I inviting my community to come near? Resources Instagram: @blackliturgies by Cole Arthur […]

The God Who Groans

Rachael Clinton Chen reflects on the groaning work of God as we enter Holy Week and how we’re invited to look for Jesus in our story of ache [Mark 15:25-39]. Reflection Will you let Jesus, the Messiah, enter your ache this Holy Week?  Where hope feels weary or foolish, will you let God (and others) groan with you and for […]


Matt Inman reflects on how disorientation invites us to create space to honor both our hardship and a deepening gratitude and love.  Erin Inman and Jason Ikpatt also share reflections from their own experiences [Mark 8:29-33]. Reflection What experiences do you find most difficult to validate or legitimize?  Where were you most surprised by where love or connection showed up […]