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In-Person Liturgy [Oct 17]

Full Capacity with Masks (no Greenhouse) As Austin has entered Stage 3, our in-person liturgy will be open at full capacity with no registration required. In order to continue facilitating a safe space for gathering, we are requiring masks indoors for anyone over 2 years old.  (Our Greenhouse classes will not be available until November, so children will need to stay […]

Intro to Centering Prayer Workshop [Nov 13]

What if meaningful prayer is learning to rest in the presence of the One who not only loves us but desires our company? What if prayer can also be just learning to “rest in God,” beyond words? We have learned forms of prayer that involve being active and using lots of words, sometimes vocally. While these are very meaningful forms […]

Midweek Group Connection Night [Oct 20]

Midweek groups provide an opportunity for the Vox community to live the church throughout the week and to facilitate our spiritual formation. Each of these groups usually range from 6-10 people and meet on various nights of the week throughout the city. Groups engage various expressions of Scripture and prayer and have access to a wide range of discussion guides […]

Fall Retreat Planning Feedback

(Last Update: 10/22/21) The seasons are changing in more ways than one and we are grateful to be regathering as a community. All of us are looking forward to being together as a community for a weekend of reconnection and rest in the beautiful campsite at HEB Foundation Camp during the weekend of Nov 19-21. They have recently updated their […]

Vox Cookbook Project

In the tradition of feasting, churches have long gathered together to make and share food. The pandemic that we have been navigating through the past 18 months has largely prevented us from partaking in the ancient practice of feasting. But for many of us, this season has also opened a time for cultivation, experimentation, and practice. To build anticipation for […]

Greenhouse & ZAMYN Help

GREENHOUSE TEAM VOLUNTEERS Greenhouse, our children’s ministry, has been busy planning for the year ahead. We are in need of your help! There are two openings on the Greenhouse Team. The responsibilities will include: collaborative planning of quarterly events outside of Liturgy creating classroom directories managing classroom supplies & snack donations We are seeking year-long commitments that include monthly check-ins […]

In-Person Liturgy Reopening [Oct 3]

Limited Capacity & Registration Required We have greatly missed seeing you all in person at Vesper for the past 18 months.  Starting this Sunday, Oct 3, we are reopening our in-person liturgy with a limited capacity and will require registration.  In order to continue facilitating a safe space for gathering while we are in stage 4 and 5, we are requiring vaccination and masks for […]