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Receiving Gifts

As we wrap up this year, Jason Minnix leads a time of reflection and meditation through the practice of Lectio Divina [Isaiah 61:10-62:3]. Reflection Where do I sense meaning and connection this morning? What gift am I being invited to receive today?

Thoughts on Prayer

Kelly Cutbirth reflects on what our prayers about others have to teach us about ourselves and God [Psalm 70]. Reflection What emotions or needs in my life might be trying to surface from my prayers about the other? How can I have empathy for myself in my raw, angry moments? Resources Video – The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell […]

Ordinary Weeks – Motives

Weylin continues in the Ordinary Weeks of the Lectionary. [Mark 12:38-44] Reflection: Is our motive with people more about consumption or service? How can we create a space of dependency on God in our lives?

Ordinary Weeks – Pursuing the Presence of God

Weylin continues in the Ordinary Weeks of the Lectionary. [2 Samuel 6:1-16] Reflection: Is the presence of God an inconvenience for you or do you see it as something worth pursuing and sacrificing for? In what areas of our lives does the presence of God confront our obedience?

Sermon Series: Advent

For centuries, people waited for a messiah that would bring hope to a broken world full of suffering. Now in the 21st century, the world is filled with news of war recession and anxiety. This season of Advent is a welcome change of pace for church communities to rest, remember and hope. During this Advent season, we join the church […]

The Rhythm of Ordinary Life

During the summer, the rhythm of the Lectionary focuses on these weeks called ordinary weeks. In the busyness of western life we need these weeks to enjoy life, enjoy God, enjoy community, and rest. And this rhythm of life is built into the church calendar. What does it look like to be faithful and endure and do the small things well? Join us as we start a dialogue about the rhythm of ordinary life.

Lent: Sacrifice

Sacrifice. We live in a culture that prefers convenience over sacrifice. What does it mean to sacrifice? What does it look like to give up something because you love someone? What did it feel like for God to sacrifice His son in order to redeem the world? How can we sacrifice our lives to our city and world as Christ […]