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Dad’s Happy Hour

For anyone that’s a father, we are having a happy hour for you too! This is a great opportunity for fellow dads to meet one another. Come this Tuesday, January 6, 5pm at Schoolhouse Pub on Manor Rd. Come and go as you please! Email to find out more. [Photo by Molly | Orangette @ Flickr]

Vox Happy Hour on Break

Thanks to everyone who came out to Takoba for the month of November. Happy Hour will be on break during the Advent season, so everyone can have a chance to visit with friends & family. See you in January! [Photo by helveticaneue @ Flickr]

Vox Happy Hour at Cenote

“See you throughout the week” — it’s a phrase we hear each week at Liturgy. In an effort to follow through with that commitment, we’ve been getting together once a week for Vox Happy Hour. We will be meeting back at Cenote, where it all started, every Wednesday starting April 3 at 8pm. This weekly event is open to anyone […]