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false self


Weylin Lee talks about how our spiritual formation needs to be more reflective of what it means to be a child. [1 John 3] Reflection: What are the some new questions we need to continue to ask in our journey of following Jesus? What are some rhythms that provide structure for our spiritual formation? How can we practice the difficult […]


Gideon Tsang speaks about repentance as healing. [1 John 1] Reflection: In what ways can you give up judgement of yourself and others? How can you bring your full self into God’s loving light? What does a conversation on healing and repentance look like this coming week? Resources: Podcast: On Being – Repentance Book: Accidental Saints TED Radio: What can […]

Favorites & Faith

Gideon Tsang examines favoritism in our lives and what hinders and facilitates our ability to love the other. [James 2:1-9] Reflection: How have we been bad judges in how we view and perceive others? Who is the other in our lives that represents the diversity that is required to live out the image of God? How do we need to […]

Listening to Scripture

Gideon Tsang speaks about how the church that has a high view of Scripture should be known most for their ability to listen well. [James 1:19-25] Reflection: How do we show that we have a high view of Scripture? What is our ratio of listening to speaking when we engage scripture? How are we using Scripture to allow us to […]

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