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Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2018.01.07

Liturgy We gather: a community of faith in God’s subversive world. We gather to celebrate that no darkness can extinguish Light, to remember that Love will always be more powerful than hate, and to trust that Peace will always be stronger than violence. We gather: a people of faith in the Light of God’s world. Welcome to worship. We gather […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2017.12.31

Liturgy Almighty God, you have poured upon us the new light of your incarnate Word. As we approach the new year, grant that this light, enkindled in our hearts, may shine forth in our lives toward all people; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2017.12.17

Liturgy Sometimes it feels like all we hear are stories of pain and trauma, of fighting and discord, stories of disaster and destruction, of people hurting and abusing each other. We could use some good news. This morning, let us take a deep breath. [pause here for the congregation to take a breath] May we give God the chance to […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2017.12.10

Liturgy You, who are participants in the glory of Love, listen. God is here. You, who are renewed to new life with each rain, look. God is here. You, who are given breath so you can speak, breathe deeply. God is here. We open our hearts to hear the word of God today. May we receive the love that is […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2017.12.03

Liturgy Holy One, in this season of Advent, we wait for you to break into our worlds, unexpectedly. Help us to stay awake, to participate, and look for signs of your hope. We pray for your peace in this world when you will settle things fairly between nations, and make things right between all peoples. We pray for the peace […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2017.11.26

Liturgy Holy God, we thank you for your gifts of mercy and life. We remember you are a generous God, and want us to flourish and live life freely and abundantly in your service to our world. Heavenly Father, by your remarkable gift of grace, you allow us, finite beings, to bear nothing less than the fruits of your Holy […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2017.11.19

Liturgy God of justice, peace and righteousness, be in our midst this morning. Breathe your breath, your Spirit of life, your energy, your enlivening, your imagination on us. Wake us up, Open our eyes, Unplug our ears that we might hear, that we might see, that we might grieve, that we might dream, that we might follow the ways of […]