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Vox Veniae Pastor of Children and Families Position

We are looking for a Pastor of Children and Families to join our Pastoral Team in a full-time position on staff with Vox. This pastor will be responsible for facilitating a mutual space of learning, care and formation for our children, youth and families so they can be grounded in knowing they are inherently loved by God as they discern […]

Greenhouse Registration and Update (2021)

Please note that registration is no longer required for Greenhouse participation (these procedures were developed as we re-opened after Covid lockdown). We are so excited to finally welcome our Voxlings back in person! We are all eager for our kids to be together again and to see how much everyone has grown & changed over the past nineteen months! 🌱 […]

Here It Comes

For Kid’s Sunday, Gideon Tsang reflects on the story of Mary and Martha and how we can be present here [Luke 10:38-42]. Reflection How can you invite God into your mess this week? What does it look like to practice your preferred posture of presence? Resources Song: First World Problems (Chance the Rapper) Video: 4 Year Old Mic’d up at […]

Art of Trinity

For Family Sunday, Gideon Tsang reflects on what we can learn about God and ourselves from creation [Psalm 8]. Reflection How can your experience of being loved drown out the unlovable voices in your life What thunderstorms are you experiencing that might bring healing and new life? Resources The Observable Universe Food: Vietnamese Crawfish

Children’s Dedication

Did you grow up listening to the culture changing radio show ‘American Top 40’ where the smooth pipes and witty banter of Casey Kasem penetrated our ears and pollinated our hearts?  If so, then you’re familiar with the segment that gave callers the opportunity to dedicate sappy songs to loved ones which conveyed their unfailing love in ways Hallmark cards […]