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Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2024.05.26

Liturgy God, we approach you in awe of the everyday miracles you have lent usthis week.We have watched children and roadside flowers grow.We have spoken with coworkers, cashiers, and family members,all of whom bear your image.We have sensed your nudges of love in our own hearts.In your incarnation, you showed us that spirit and body in here in eachother.Soul is […]

God our Mother

When you hear someone say, “God is not just our father, but also our mother,” what comes up for you? On Trinity Sunday, Vanessa Maleare walks us throughout scripture, to birth maternal images in our imagination and experience of God [John 3:3-8]. Reflection Is there a part of yourself you need to reintegrate for wholeness? How can you imagine God […]

The Paradox of Rebirth

Gideon Tsang reflects on the paradox of rebirth on this Easter Sunday.  Matt Inman, Gena Minnix and Virginia Cumberbatch also share their reflections on this text [Matthew 28:1-10]. Reflection What have you experienced during this gestation period before an eventual rebirth? How can you hold the paradox of fear and joy this week? Spiritual Practice Create a tomb in your […]