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Roots and Sustainability

Your generosity has shaped who we are as a community and who we will become in the future. We ask you to prayerfully consider ways to give or get towards our new space. Some of us have been blessed by God to be able to give generously while others of us can still participate by getting those in our spheres of influences (ie. family, friends, relatives) to contribute to Vox’s mission.

Your participation will contribute to Vox’s:

  • Rootedness. We are a community that values God’s work that is often slow and less efficient that we’d like it to be. We are excited to find a home where future generations can continue God’s work for decades to come.
  • Financial sustainability. Our projected mortgage would be fixed at an estimated $6,700/mo with no need to pay property taxes. Our projected rent increase for Space12 will exceed $6,700/mo within the next 3 years since we are also covering property tax increases, and this will only continue to increase every year after that. Owning our building as a non-profit allows us to be freed from our current increasing property tax burden. With our current savings, loan options, and available matching donors, we believe that this is a fiscally sustainable option for our community.
  • Neighborhood Involvement. We can remain in the neighborhood that we’ve invested in for the last 12 years moving only a few blocks away.
  • Liturgy. The slightly larger sanctuary has the potential to be a transcendent and accessible space for our liturgy and to share with our neighbors and city. We hope to create a space for silence, prayer and meditation as well.
  • Kids. As many of you know, our kids’ space has been overcrowded for many years. This building offers up larger and more conducive spaces for our children to experience God in their community.

How to Participate

Send a check with “Building Fund” in the memo line to:

Vox Veniae
PO Box 6805
Austin, TX 78762

Give online by selecting “Building Fund”:

Give Online

And please share this page with those who may want to support Vox Veniae.