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As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, Gideon Tsang speaks about how there is no heartbreak, fear or need that goes beyond the love that God offers us. [Psalm 118] Reflection: How do we respond when we or others cry? How do we distract ourselves from crying? What is our tendency to ask of God when we are afraid? How […]

Palm Sunday

David Taylor speaks about the double triumphal entry of Jesus and why it’s impossible to follow Jesus apart from the body of Christ. [Mark 11:1-11] Reflection: How does Jesus meet or counter our expectations of who is and why he came to earth? How can we ”be on the way” with Jesus and with community as we follow Jesus?

True Soul

Jason Minnix speaks about what it means to “deny our self” through a spiritual formation lens. We also explore how who we truly are emerges as we seek actual encounters with God. [Luke 9:23-25] Reflection What is my false self? Have I taken time to appreciate how my protective self has served me? How does your false self inhibit intimacy […]


Chris Morton speaks about our identity in Christ and what it means to practice resurrection in our lives. [Ephesians 1:15-23] Reflection: What parts of our identity do we need to leave behind in order to claim our new identity and inheritance? How can we help those inside and outside our community begin to expect resurrection? Where, in our lives and […]

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