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Into The Darkest Hour

  It was a time like this, War & tumult of war, a horror in the air. Hungry yawned the abyss- and yet there came the star and the child most wonderfully there. It was time like this of fear & lust for power, license & greed and blight- and yet the Prince of bliss came into the darkest hour […]

Work of the People

Liturgy means work of the people.  Vox gathers weekly for our liturgy, to share in the work of our people. Several weeks ago, my friend in Seattle tweeted, “The problem with the modern Church is that we have too many people pretending they are guests when they need to be hosts.”  In reading this, I wondered if Vox’s liturgy is […]

Advent Potluck Happy Hour Extravaganza

At Vox we are always saying “see you throughout the week.” We find ways to do this by meeting in Midweek groups, happy hours, and other special events like bike rides and concerts.  This week, we’ll be getting together to celebrate Advent, the first season of the Christian year. On Wednesday, December 5, at 7 pm, we’ll have a potluck […]

All Saints Day

For all the saints Whom no one thought to name No litany of bliss For their praise proclaims For the homely saints No halo aglow Favored by the Lord But to us so so For the ruined saints Who craved no boardroom glee But offered their arms And gave without fee For the tattered saints Who found no rest at […]

E.A.S.T Bike Crawl

With the euphoric autumn weather upon us, we are long overdue for a community bike ride!  Join us on Sunday, November 11th as we check out art galleries in our own neighborhood.  It will be the first weekend of the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T).  Bring your bike, a helmet and a lock (if possible).  Departure will be  from Space12 […]

Engaging Scripture

For many, reading the Bible can be intimidating and confusing.  It was written over centuries by dozens of authors covering multiple genres.  Since William Tyndale gave his life to translate the Bible to the masses, we should take advantage of having access to a timeless text.  Two books that might be helpful with regard to this subject are Eat This Book by Eugene Petersen […]

Everyday Theology Conference

On Friday, October 5, 7pm – Saturday, October 6, 3pm we will host the first ever Ecclesia Network Mid-South Regional event, in collaboration with the newly forming Missio Alliance. Our time will begin Friday evening with a presentation by Dr. Roger Olson, of Truett Theological Seminary and the Missio Alliance, on the need for embracing theology not merely as an academic […]