February 28, 2014

Wednesday Washing

One of the things I have come to love most about Austin is the abundance of passionate people. Passionate about coffee, food, graffiti, running, naked bike rides…You name it, there is someone preachin’ it here.

Vox Veniae, our church community, happens to be incredibly passionate about being a source of hope and a helpful presence in the often-hurting East Austin neighborhoods. Our church deeply loves the broken, and invites all to come share in the fellowship Christ offers. I absolutely love being a part of something so non-exclusive. It is truly beautiful.

A big part of how Vox shows love to the east Austin community is by partnering with existing organizations already impacting the lives of residents there. One such non-profit is called Mobile Loaves and Fishes, and it is seriously unbelievably cool. The way they roll up their sleeves and completely dive into the confusing and very messy issue of chronic homelessness humbles and challenges me. They empower impoverished men and women in Austin through urban gardening, planned communities, and various work opportunities. They deeply know and love Austin’s homeless. To be known…What a powerful thing to offer your fellow man. It is a huge honor for our community to get to come alongside them and witness lives being changed daily by the seeds they plant (literally and figuratively of course).

My midweek group met up at Space12 (our church building) to wash vegetables with Steven Hebbard (Vox member and MLF employee) and some of his co-gardeners from the organization. It was a blast to get to goof off around the table and gawk at the vastness of produce plucked from the MLF gardens earlier that day. Our creepy stares at the vegetables may have terrified Steven, because our group was quickly re-directed to egg-washing duties. Simple Enough. “We’ll knock this out in no time and then resume our vegetable ogling.”

We then watched as hundreds and hundreds of recently hatched chicken eggs were placed before us. Yep. It took us awhile. But it was something we could all do together as a team, which was perfect for a midweek group in the infant stages like ours is. Team building, man. I loved every minute of it.

So this is a call to all midweek groups, friend groups, loners, parents, grandparents and anyone in Austin who doesn’t mind a little chicken poop- SCHEDULE A WEDNESDAY NIGHT FOR WASHING VEGGIES (and eggs) FOR MLF. You will bless their organization, and get to be a part of something huge God is doing in our amazing city.

Thanks so much Steven!!!

[written by Caroline Cody]

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[Photo by brianwferry @ Flickr]

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