November 8, 2013

A Letter of Thanks

This is a letter from the director of Posada Esperanza thanking the Vox community for our support.

Dear Friends at Vox Veniae,

We are grateful for the generosity and friendship of the Vox Veniae Community. Thank you so much for giving Posada Esperanza a year of fun-filled birthday parties and for generously giving Posada Esperanza a grant of $5,000 to improve Posada’s services to immigrant mothers and their children.

With the grant from Vox we have been able to provide rental assistance for a family and purchase a washing machine, fans for bedrooms, and materials for homework tutoring. In the coming weeks we will put to use more of the Vox grant by improving our pre-k readiness materials and computer access for the families.

There is a beautiful mix of individual and cultural diversity at Posada these days. Our newest families come from Cuba, Congo, and South Sudan. One of our children has Dandy Walker Syndrome. When he lived in Mexico his mother said that their community abandoned them because he was different. She is grateful that at Posada Esperanza he receives a loving welcome.

Thank you to everyone at Vox Veniae for helping to make Posada Esperanza a place that is strong with love and hospitality for all of the families who are in need of its services.

Patti McCabe
Program Director

[Photo by Gnarggles @ Flickr]

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