October 24, 2013


For the past year, the Good Neighbor Fund has been available for Vox Covenant Members to feel supported and empowered to do good in their community. Voxites have applied to help their neighbor buy groceries, repair their homes and to allow a teacher friend to have an art exhibit for her students.

I recently applied for a friend of mine whose home was destroyed in a fire. She is a refugee from Iraq, living alone in an apartment she labored over and treasured. I visited her weekly for tea, conversation and, sometimes, Arab Idol. She’s a dear friend. When her apartment burned down, she didn’t have insurance or very many resources, so she had to rebuild her life and felt very alone. It was so nice to extend not just a check to her, but the support of my church community. The whole time we were at Target buying things for her home with the GNF funds, she said, “Thank God for you, thank God for your church.” It was sharing the love of Christ.

The Good Neighbor Fund is expanding this year so that Covenant Members can apply to help people in their communities, wherever that may be around the world. Our friend Catie in El Salvador applied for funds to help the community she lives in. We are hoping that even more people this year will apply and use the funds to be a good neighbor in their communities. It’s not so much about the money as it is an opportunity to support our friends in love. At Vox, we believe it’s important to support our community in the places that they are already doing life and ministry.

You can find the application here or email us for more information.

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[written by Constance Dykhuizen]

[Photo by spinning pieces @ Flickr]

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