October 11, 2013

MLF Model Park Tours!

Friends at large & Vox Veniae members, the weather is PERFECT these days for a tour of Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Community First! Model Park, which is a 2-acre snapshot of the kind of beauty, creativity & rich community we’re building into a 27-acre master-planned community for the homeless on the East Side of Austin.

If you’re interested at all in seeing what Tim League, CEO of Alamo Drafthouse (one of our official partners), calls “the most important project right now in Austin,” get in touch with Evan and he’ll give you a tour.

Here are some snaps of the Model Park, but this doesn’t include the tilapia aquaponics pond, the organic garden, the fully equipped woodworking shop or any of the other details we’re partnering with the chronically homeless to create. You gotta just come see it for yourself, believe me!

Email Evan to set up a tour!

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[Written by Evan Wilson]

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