May 9, 2013

Happy May Birthdays!

Last weekend, two Vox midweek groups combined to host the best birthday party Posada Esperanza families have ever seen*! To ensure this, of course, we rented a bounce house. Seeing as how it was Cinco de Mayo, we threw in a piñata.

For the past several months, Voxites have hosted monthly birthday parties to celebrate all the birthdays of Posada residents in that month. Posada houses single women  and their children to give them a safe place to develop skills for self-reliance. The parties are a small thing we can to do celebrate these kids and their moms and have some fun ourselves.

I was particularly touched by a boy there who is the oldest youth resident. He was quick to let me know that he was in charge and helped lead the other kids all day. (He also beat them up in the bounce house, but no matter.) I asked him who he plays with and he told me he wanted me to meet his best friend. He took me to the backyard and hopped up a fence and into a tree — his best friend. He loves sitting up in that tree and, no doubt, hiding from all the other kids and just getting away. It was just a great afternoon getting to know him (it’s also his birthday this week and he turns 13) and some of his siblings and friends.

To learn more about Posada parties or to tag along for a future one, email us.

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*not actually, but we just wanted to challenge ourselves.

[written by Constance Dykhuizen]

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