January 11, 2013


Check out an exciting initiative from our partners, Mobile Loaves and Fishes!

ROADS are a small group of ordinary people, homed and homeless, working to create relationships, an environment of dignity and a world of opportunities. We invite you come visit us, look around the site, ask questions, donate, spread the word, and participate however you best can.

ROADS is a service-oriented program of Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF), helping our homeless brothers and sisters in need lift themselves up through relationships and micro-enterprise opportunities. We desire to serve as the road, or straight way, on which our homeless brothers and sisters have the opportunity to navigate out of desert wastelands and into community and the sense of home.

We believe every human being deserves dignity, respect and a modest living, which is why we stride to support our community with these aspects. We believe home is more than a roof; and that our micro-enterprise opportunities combined with relational support, accountability and consistency is what helps individuals experiencing homelessness successfully lift themselves off the street with their God given skills and abilities.  To learn more visit us online atwww.mlf.org/roads.

[Photo by vamitos @ Flickr]

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