May 22, 2011

Baptism Profile: Gabe Ahn

Name: Gabe Ahn
Hometown: San Antonio, defending the Alamo since 1836
Vocation: Programming video games on the PS3 and now the NGP
Favorite movie: Empire of the Sun, a poignant story of a boy overcoming overwhelming prejudices of war through innocence and compassion.
Favorite ice cream: Fudge Bombstik especially when the fudge makes contact with banana and back.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
It used to be invisibility. I think it’s like being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I can be everywhere but nobody would know so was I there?… hmm… maybe a little too existential to explain precisely. I just like the fact that I can be omnipresent. But after doing lengthy research, it appears that I’d have to be naked so that’s a definite disadvantage since I get cold easily. Also, advances in science like hyperspectral imaging makes invisibility obsolete and something like this was used to conduct the raid at the Bin Laden compound.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
Tiger for sure. For starters, being born in 74 automatically gives you license be that according to eastern beliefs. Besides, it’s a well known fact that tigers eat lions for breakfast according to an incident at Ankara Zoo. Aside from being ferocious, it’s got a nice looking pelt too.

What does resurrection mean to you personally? How does it change the way you live or want to live?
This has always been a tough one for me being very scientific and logical in nature. It’s not often you come across resurrection in real life and you always wonder whether it’s possible at all. Aside from that, I think there’s a profound sense of metamorphosis or change that’s denoted by the resurrection. It’s a means to end the past and set life anew with cleansed spirit and refined vision. I always view it as a way to depart from my selfish and individualistic habits and personalities to embrace compassion and forgiveness.

What does it look like to be resurrected from an individualistic American to a communal way of life following Christ?
Envisioning the transformation from self-centered life to life of sharing is easy, but in practice, I find it very difficult to adapt into everyday life. The typical life is very much driven by competition and desire to achieve personal greatness. Everyday I’m reminded of the great achievements of individuals and there’s an overwhelming sense to achieve and gain something. This can be seen from getting in line at HEB, driving along Mopac, ordering food at restaurants, finding a good parking spot, etc. I’m compelled to do it before anyone else and sort of this mentality stays with you throughout the day. On Sundays, there’s a lot of reflection on being actively communal but the cycle is inevitably repeated. I think, this is something that I’m really looking to breaking as part of my resurrection.

Who has been helpful in your journey of faith and walk with Christ?
Gina, my fiance, has been a the most influential person in my life and support to me. She definitely has a stronger faith than I do but still manages to understand my idiosyncrasies and insensitivities toward religion to seek a more compassionate life and have healthy spiritual guidance. One of the first books she bought for me was Help Me Believe by Cliff Knechtle. I think she got a little frustrated in the early years and quickly changed to workout books instead.

[Photo by speedye @ Flickr]

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