April 20, 2011

Finishing Lent Strong

With Palm Sunday already come and gone, we’re on the home stretch.  This has been a very long Lenten season.

Personally (and maybe here, too) I’ll spend the next week going through the gospels reading the texts about Jesus’ last week.  For those of you still on Twitter, you’ll appreciate following @passionweek.  For those of you with smart phones, I suggest using the Explore Faith app. Based on Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours, it gives liturgical prayers to pray throughout the day.

Lent has taught me how how I make inconsequential things the center of my life.  I’ve realized how bad I need resurrection.  The there’s the fact that by attempting Lent, I’ve realized how wrongly I’ve approached it.

My goal now is to finish Lent strong.  Dive further into the prayers.  Stay true to the pledges of abstinence.  Meditate on my role in Triumphal Entry, Jesus washing my feet, how I betrayed him.  How my actions led to his death.

We need this season, because without it, we’d be too busy distracting ourselves from think about these things.  But to truly embrace Jesus as our Savior, we must recognize ourself as his murder.

As depressing as it might sound, let’s finish Lent strong.  Resurrection is coming.

Originally posted at www.chrismorton.info. [Photo by Fernando Farfán @ Flickr]

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