May 17, 2010

Baptism Profile: Anslee Connell

Name: Anslee Connell
Hometown: Statesboro, GA
Vocation: Freelance Plus Size Clothing Designer, Freelance Photographer
Favorite movie: Beautiful Losers
Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough, y’all

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
My superpower would be to have the ability to feed everyone. Hunger is a huge problem in the world, and if we solve this issue it could solve a lot of the major problems that are a result.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
I would be a fox… because I’m a foxy lady?

Character in scripture that you relate to the most and why?
I don’t know much about the characters of the Bible, honestly, but if I had to pick someone off the top of my head, I would choose David – the Psalm guy. He has such a seemingly unique, poetic, beautiful relationship with God like none other I’ve seen in the Bible (thusfar), and I feel like my personal relationship is a bit different than the norm and I identify with him on that.

What does resurrection mean to you personally? How does it change the way you live?
Resurrection brings new life to the dead, and in my life, I feel like I’ve come such a long with with who I am and what I believe that it is alive now. I live with a greater purpose than just for myself and I can do so ever more vibrantly before now that I am satisfied with the fact that I am impacted by this resurrection and what it has done for me.

What does it look like to be resurrected from an individualistic American to a communal way of life following Christ?
Although I am still selfish with every ounce of who I am, I do feel that I have become someone who desires to live selflessly. I realize now that in addition to a personal faith and connection with the Creator, there is a need to have that communal nature with the same connection because one can learn so much in community. It takes a village to raise a child, right? It takes the same village to grow and become closer, and I feel like that is a much richer, fuller experience than going it alone. In America, we have personal gain, but in communities where we follow Christ, it seems as though we yearn to grow together and in that, we can help others together.

What does resurrection look like with your vocation, calling and place in this world?
In my clothing design, I feel as though I can help women of the curvier variety become their best selves. I help enable them to try and put away their previous notions that they are too fat, not good enough, “unpretty,” etc., and show them that they are beautiful and worthy to be loved, and most of all, worthy to love themselves. I have been so fortunate to have talents that can create garments to help get this message across, and help these ladies feel beautiful, even if for the first time in their lives. I’ve seen women transform into bold, confident women who see themselves as gorgeous, curvaceous ladies who have realized for the first time that they have a voice that needs to be heard and taken seriously, and that is what keeps me doing what I do.

[Photo by speedye @ Flickr]

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