March 11, 2010

Ethiopia Update 03.11.10


I’m in a small town here called Assosa. One of the teenagers with us just took me to an internet cafe so I could check my email. I feel disconnected from the rest of the world, but at the same time, feeling very connected here. We went to a village today to give people some medical attention, shoes, and knitted toys. We also checked out their water supply. It would make most people feel really disgusted. An above ground well that is shared by the villagers and wild animals alike. One of our team members is taking water samples to get tested back in the US.

We have hosted 5 days of medical clinics here and yesterday, we saw 300 people in one day! There are a lot of patients, and each day, the word spreads that we are here and more people come.

I am unable to send any pictures right now because the internet is dial-up, but once I get back to the capital on Tuesday, I can send some!


[Photo by IFRC @ Flickr]

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