February 9, 2010

Update from India 02.09.10

Our friends from India gave us an update of their city ministry. Check out www.ccchurch.in to find out more about their church community.

Dear Vox Veniae,

Thank you very much for your support and prayers towards our ministry. In the Kannagi Nagar Slum as you know, we are operating the Day Care Centre, Computer & Tailoring School and Night Education Tuition Centre. In the month of January, we distributed 30 diplomas in the Tailoring Course to those who have completed their 6 months course and 20 diplomas to those who have completed their 6 months course in the Computer Course. At the graduation service we shared the Gospel to all the Hindu students and prayed for them. In the DCC, children are getting free food everyday and their parents are thankful to us. In the NTC things are going very well. Lot of students are attending this class.

We are thankful for all your financial support that is being invested in the Kingdom of God, especially for the underprivileged community in the Kannagi Nagar Slum. The church we planted in that slum is growing. Many Hindu people are attending this service.

Continue to pray for our ministry.

Yours in His Vineyard,
Rev. M. Vincent Samuel
Calvary Community Church

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