January 17, 2010

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 01.17.10

Holy One, we come this new year
to claim our relationship with you.
We pray for the commitment to grow together,
sharing the gifts you give us with others
here and in the wider world.

Give us strength and discipline
to nurture our relationship with you;

to care for every part of your Creation;
to foster justice and be in solidarity with those in need;

to work to end all war, and violence, and discord;
and to respond joyfully when you call,
freely giving our selves as you have shown the way.

We open our hearts to you and your Creation
in the name of Jesus, who is Christ.

Congregational Prayer
God of the living and the dead,
we watch in grief at the pain and loss
and horror and distress
of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
We do not understand your ways —
that those who already suffer the most,
now suffer so much more.
Lead us to repentance,
that we who have sinned so much are given mercy,
and they who already struggle
have now impossible burdens to bear.
Where people are still breathing
under collapsed buildings,
give them air and hope and courageous searchers.
Where children are injured or orphaned,
find them trusted friends and generous caregivers.
Where despair is infectious and disease or looting spreads,
bring patience and forbearance and healing
and strength to conquer temptation.
And when others look with compassion from afar,
release resources, empower expertise, shape political will,
and bring deliverance for your people in their distress.
Through him who was crushed and bruised for us,
in the comfort of your Holy Spirit. Amen

   – by Sam Wells

Who or what do you sacrifice for?

What might it look like to sacrifice your life for God?

How is your mind being transformed?

What does it look like to chase the will of God?

Now go, all you who are loved by God,
hear his call to serve others
as he has served you;

hear his invitation to be part
of his plan to rescue the world;
and join in community with those
who walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Help us to receive Christ’s life,
walk in his strength,
and follow his ways every moment of our lives.

May God’s care embrace us,
Jesus’ words embolden us,
and the Holy Spirit’s presence renew us
today and always.

Go in peace and live the church. See you throughout the week.

[Photo by IFRC @ Flickr]

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