January 26, 2010

[Haiti Update] Up in the Air

Dear friends,

Two weeks ago, one of the poorest countries on earth experienced an unthinkable setback with a major earthquake in their capital. We have heard reports of tragedy and loss sprinkled with stories of courage and heroism.

Last week, one of our partners, Servlife, received an emergency call from friends running clinics in Port au Prince to send doctors and supplies. Through a swift response seasoned by years of experience and wisdom, Servlife was able to acquire medical supplies, the medical professionals who know how to use it, and a flight with military clearance with space for seven.

On behalf of Vox Veniae and Servelife, I will be leading a team of 6 doctors to Haiti for 7 days set to depart this Thursday. The purpose of my trip will be three fold:

1. Pastoral support. To provide spiritual and emotional care to the medical team as well as running logistics for the trip.

2. Scouting. To connect to and pray for long-term opportunities in Haiti for both Servlife and Vox Veniae.

3. Documentation. To provide information and photography for partners and foundations of Servlife which detail the situation on the ground in Haiti.

Please pray for the team as we leave from Ft. Pierce, FL, early Thursday morning. If you would like to partner with us financially, please do so online:


Since electricity and internet access will be unavailable, we will be using Twitter as our main form of communication. Please follow us to receive updates.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Psalm 9:18 But the needy will not always be forgotten,
nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish.

[Photo by ajax8055 @ Flickr]

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