November 11, 2009

East Austin Studio Tour

Download the E.A.S.T. poster here.

Space12 will be an exhibition space on the East Austin Studio Tour from November 14-22, 2009. The gallery and programs will all feature local artists. So come by throughout the week to check things out!

11/14 (Sat): 10am-5pm
11/15 (Sun): 1pm-5pm
11/16-11/20 (Tue-Fri): 1pm-5pm
11/21 (Sat): 10am-5pm
11/22 (Sun): 1pm-5pm


Live Mural Art by J Muzacz

November 14 – 12:00pm – 3:00pm

A live mural painting by J Muzacz. J is responsible for some of the well known murals in Austin. Watch a live performance of his work on the Space12 building.

Fireseed Collaborative
A show and interactive event of collaboration

November 14 – 7:00pm – 10:00pm

We are a collective living on and around Ledesma Road, East Austin. After years of cohabitating with other late 20’s roommates living transient lives in isolated neighborhoods, a group moved to the same East Austin neighborhood with the hope of living intentionally with each other and neighbors. We are an experimental project intersecting relationships, art, culture, and faith. This event will showcase pieces that have been created by 2 or more of us, our neighbors, or friends of Fireseed. Also featuring a live collaboration with open participation from the public. Live music and tasty treats.

Death To All Ice-Cream Trucks
A Fashion Revolt Against All Things Irritating

November 18 – 8:00pm – 10:00pm

From sweatshops to scratchy underwear, jillions of creative freethinkers have found good reason to shun the mall and reinvent the meaning and purpose of “fashion”. In East Austin you can find designers who find all kinds of hidden resources for unique materials and aesthetic inspiration that echoes current trends or classic flavors, yet distinctly dance to their own beat. Does Gucci irritate you? Come breathe some fresh air and rest your eyes on some of these lovely remedies. More details on facebook.

The Round #3
Visual artists, poets, & songwriters performing in rounds.

November 20 – 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Round #3 during East Austin Studio Tour! A beautiful intimate evening of musicians sharing the stage with slam poets and live painters. Please join us at Space12 November 20th from 7:30-10:30pm. THE ROUND & how it works: 3 songwriters sit on stage together often collaborating loosely for a unique performance sometimes with backing musicians joined by slam poets and live painters a relaxed & intimate evening of collaboration audience sits in rapt attention. More details on facebook.

Displaced Art by PODER

November 22 – 4:00 – 7:00 pm

An art exhibit along with a documentary and discussion on gentrification in East Austin. Performance by The Cipher, The Public Offenders, and spoken word by theYoung Scholars for Justice. More details on facebook.

[Poster designed by Dallas Peters]

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