June 3, 2009

Moving to Space12

Starting this Sunday, June 7th, at 11am, Vox will begin having our Sunday morning Liturgies at Space 12. So it’ll be the same time, but different place. We’re really excited about this change of venue, and looking forward to being a good neighbor to the community. As we begin the relocation process, there are a few things we wanted to make you all aware of. Here are the details:

1. Location
Sundays at 11am

3121 E 12th St
Austin, TX 78702

2. Carpool/Biking Encouraged
One of the challenges we will be facing/addressing is enough parking for the Vox community. To help alleviate this, we encourage you all to try carpooling or biking to Space 12.

3. Parking

You can download the maps here.

If you are driving, there is parking on the side and rear of the Space12 lot. Once the lot is full, there are designated streets we should park on in order to be considerate of the neighborhood. Please don’t park on streets not marked on our map.

4. Thank You, Mosaic!!
It has been a tremendous blessing to have shared a space with an amazing church community like Mosaic. Not only have they been extremely generous hosts, but a great source of encouragement and inspiration by modeling what it means to be the body of Christ in the city.

[Photo by michaelhsu @ Flickr]

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