April 19, 2009

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 04.19.09

Holy are you, God of goodness,
and blessed is Jesus Christ,
who comes in your name.
When he could have remained with you,
he poured himself into
the emptiness of our souls;
casting aside his unity with you,
he gathered up our brokenness
to make us whole;
proclaimed by the choirs of heaven,
he humbled himself as a servant,
so we might be raised to glory;
faithful to the point of death,
even shameful death,
you exalted him to new life
so we might stand with him
in eternity with you.

Remembering the One who came for us,
remembering the words he taught,
remembering his passion and his resurrection,
we worship the One who is the Bread of Life

in the name of the Father the Son
and the Holy Spirit.

Who models courage for you? And who can you model
courage for?

Is there a relational conflict or a cause of injustice that requires swift courageous action on your part?

What are the ‘elephants’ in your life you have delayed confronting?

How can we be a source of strength and courage on
behalf of others?

Get up
Do not be afraid
Stay in the city

Take strength for the journey
Take comfort for your pain
Take inspiration from one another
Bring peace and hope into the world

Speak in a language what all will understand
and know that you are loved

In doing so, go in peace and live the church.

[Photo by Grenadad @ Flickr]

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