March 6, 2009

The HeliOS Project

This is an entry taken from the Blog of helios.

It’s called Space12.

What was once a place that only the bravest would tread, is now a place where you can find good things.

Safe things.

Space12 has allowed The HeliOS Project to start a bold initiative within these Walls Of Hope. Space12 goes beyond a “community center”. It is a place for all to come and find things that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in this area. A place of laughter, of learning and of safety.

It hasn’t always been an area conducive to safety and security.

Fact is, whether merited or not, East Austin is notorious for its violence.

Recent efforts to stabilize the area East of I-35 in Austin have been encouraging. The replacing of Chester’s Nightclub with Space12 is just one such change that is morphing this part of town into something other than a cliche.

Our announcement of intent earlier this month has evolved into action. This past Sunday, Tom King and I arrived at 3121 E. 12th Street with 4 Pentium 4 computers, monitors and all the cabling and network gear to begin our installation of the Thomas M. Edwards Technology Learning Center. The remaining 12 will be installed after the April Linux Against Poverty event where we will be the recipient of computers needed to finish the project.

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