February 1, 2009

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 02.01.09

Good God, Creator of the world,
draw us into prayer and celebration
as we gather to remember

the gifts of your earth
and the stewardship you have
entrusted to us as tillers and tenders in your image.

We know that in the gatherings of your people,
power is present among us;
your Holy Spirit stirs and moves
and gives us courage to
remember that all good gifts come first from you.

“God speaks: the heavens are made;
God breathes: the stars shine.
God bottles the waters of the sea
and stores them in the deep.
All earth, be astounded,
stand in awe of God.”

Keep us faithful to where you have placed us
here in the city, and bless this neighborhood
with your grace and mercy.

Now and forever, amen.

How can favoritism affect your ability to reconnect people to God?

What are some personal preferences that may be causing you to exclude people?

Who are some people that you’re avoiding?

How can you show mercy to someone this week?

We go, committed to care for one another
as you have cradled us in your love.

We leave, confident in your mercy
and courageous in our role within the city,
inspiring human souls,

that at the dawn of your grace,
our youthful lives
will be spent to love and serve you.

Go in peace and live the church.

[Photo by Lala Martin @ Flickr]

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