January 12, 2009


January 25 to February 22, 2009

How does reconnecting people to God fit in with restoring health to individuals and a city? As we serve Austin emotionally and physically, can health be found without reconnecting to the source of health? Join us for a 5 week conversation as we discover how the early church holistically reconnected urban communities to God. (Each week we will also highlight a historical stream of the church and how they handled reconnection.)

Week 1: Acts 9: Unlikely Leadership – Paul
             Julian of Norwich

Week 2: Acts 10-11, 15: Unlikely Inclusions – Peter’s Vision
             Teresa of Avila

Week 3: Acts 13-14: Language of Reconnection
             Ignatius of Loyola

Week 4: Acts 16: Mentoring – Timothy, Silas
             Meister Eckhart

Week 5: Acts 17: Context Matters – Mars Hill
             St. Francis

[Poster designed by Karen Tsang]

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