March 20, 2008

Kannagi Nagar Slum Ministries

Our friends from India sent us an update this week and wanted to share some new happenings with our community. Check out to find out more about their church community. It’s always so encouraging to hear about what’s going on the other side of the world and know that we are not alone and we’re in this together.

Dear Vox Veniae church,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name. Thank you very much for your monthly support towards Kannagi Nagar Slum Programmes.

Recently 24 students were graduated in computer & tailoring courses. I will send the photographs very soon. At the graduation service we shared the Word of God. All of them accepted Christ as their personal Savior. These students are coming from Hindu background.

There are 40 Children coming to our Day Care Centre shelter. We are providing snacks and milk in the morning and give them a good lunch. The parents are very much thankful and the malnourished children become very strong. Our teachers are preparing these little children for the next year school.

After the school lot of children wants to study and do their home works in our centres. Our teacher is helping the students everyday to complete their home works and clear their doubts.

By the grace of God our Kannagi Nagar outreach is growing day by day. New souls are coming from the slums and our local pastor is conducting lot of cell groups inside the slum. We praise God for the fast growth in these outreach. At present 80 people are attending Sunday morning Worship. This is very difficult place but we believe that the Lord will give s a real break through.

Thank you very much for your financial supports towards Kannagi Nagar Slum Ministries.

Yours in His Service,
Pastor. Vincent Samuel

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