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We have been in a conversation with our community about what it would look like for us to love our Parish, Austin.  The following is background info regarding the Parish:  Basically, a geographic area assigned to a particular church. Various church traditions have used the parish system to ensure every area is served by a church. It's usually thought of […]


In a world of individualism and consumerism we are trying to be a community of shared resources and generosity. As Christ gave his life away we are called to do the same. The more generous we are as individuals, the more generous Vox can be to Austin and the world around us. We hope our generosity can translate into participation […]

Neighborhoods FAQs

We are called to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength. However, evaluating that life can be nebulous. Fortunately, Jesus gave us some context to living that out – if you want to know how well you love God, look at how you love your neighbor – they are one in the same. Why do we meet based […]