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Personal Stewardship Seminar

In Scripture, our view of money is directly related to our view and trust of God.  As a supplemental resource to our recent Stewardship series, we are offering a Personal Stewardship Seminar on Sunday, June 10th at 1pm directly following our liturgy.  We know that many in our community want to manage their resources well to enable generosity in our […]

A Year with the Lectionary

Ever tried Bible-roulette? In crisis, needing a shot in the arm, not getting it from post-post-modernity, you turn to the unturned-to book, flip it open, begin reading earnestly.  Now since a random flip will almost always open the book halfway, you end up staring at a minor prophet or, even better, Ecclesiastes. Now you don’t mind your pick-me-up advice coming […]

Midweek Groups

We’re excited to be launching our Midweek Groups next week. As a community we’re hoping these groups will help us live the church more effectively throughout the week and to facilitate our spiritual development. A central piece of these groups will be the Rhythm of Life that we want each person in our community to incorporate and express in their […]

Rhythm of Life

As a community, we’re encouraging each of us to take part in a Rhythm of Life to facilitate our spiritual formation and development both individually and as a community. In a culture that is suspicious of commitment to anyone or anything, why this Rhythm of Life? COOPERATION. We can do more together than we can alone. The rhythm of life […]

Help Teach Our Kids at Greenhouse

Greenhouse is looking for people to help teach our kiddos and build a foundation of what it means to love God and neighbor in their lives. We currently have classes for elementary kids, pre-K, and nursery. For middle-school kids, we provide mentoring. There will be a volunteer meeting this Sunday after Vox. Contact Kristine if You’re Interested Greenhouse Promo II. […]

Summer Neighborhoods

As we say hello to June, may we all extend a warm ‘whaddup’ to our Summer Neighborhoods that will be starting up soon. We will be taking a break from our regional gatherings and have meetups by lifestage once a month during the summer. If you would like to join a Summer Neighborhood, please send an email to the group […]

Jesus and Scripture

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”  – Maya Angelou This past week during our Sunday liturgy, we talked about how Jesus is the voice, both divine and human, that infuse the words of Scripture with fulfillment and meaning.  The conversation on Jesus and Scripture will […]