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Waiting as we Wait

Jennifer Cumberbatch reflects on how we wait as we wait in the liturgy of our lives during this season of Lent [Malachi 3:1-4]. Reflection What areas are you called to act as priest and mediator in your spheres of influence? What areas are you invited to expand the kingdom of God? Resources Song: And He Shall Purify (Handel’s Messiah: A […]

Advent: Waiting for Eternity

Gideon Tsang and Mick Santostefano share about their experience in Dehli, India and reflect on how Advent is the finite waiting for the infinite. [2 Peter 3:8-15] Reflection: What kind of people should we be that anticipate the justice of God? Do we trust in God’s promise that he will bring justice? What are the things that we need to […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 06.05.11

Liturgy God of our past and our present, God of our future, yet to be and awaited, God of our years, our days, and even of this moment: Our lives are deeply rooted in miracles before us, Our faith is richly set in courage running thick, Our vocation is shaped by all those who have risked for your purposes. And […]

What is Advent?

Our lives are shaped by the seasons. When the sun rises and the temperature of the air determines when we wake up, what we wear and what we eat. Spring brings new life, Summers are fun times of sunshine and swimming, Fall brings school and sports, Winters for gathering together for warmth and reflection. As individuals, we go through seasons […]