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A Secret Conversation

Scott Erickson reflects on our invitation to create a space of silence and solitude to hear and listen to God’s voice in our current season [Matthew 6:5-6]. Reflection Where have been the places, spaces or moments in this season that you feel like you can connect with God? What have been your experiences with silence and solitude? And what has […]


Jason Minnix explores how new possibilities open up when we bring our real struggles into our connection with God [Genesis 32:23-31]. Reflection Where am I being called to pull away and be with my deeper work? How am I being invited to wrestle with God? Where do I sense a new day emerging? Spiritual Practice Take an hour for solitude […]

Camping Trip 2012

Join us for our second attempt at our first inaugural camping trip! BYO-everything. Hang out, spiritual direction, sardines and a talent show are on the table. We will be having our Sunday liturgy at the campsite, so join us Sunday morning even if you’re not planning to camp. When: May 25-27 (Fri-Sun) Where: Camp Ben McCulloch (across from Salt Lick) […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 10.02.11

Liturgy God of all, You call us together from north, south, east, and west; from places of joy and sorrow; young and old alike: sinners who desperately need your grace. As your Holy Spirit gathers us together, unites us as a community, and gives us strength, we humbly set this time apart from anything normal, routine, or worldly. We dedicate […]