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Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.4.23

Liturgy Breath of Life, wake us up.Open our eyes to you, andpull us out of the darkness.We feel our bodies shake against the discomfort.Birth is painful, and waking up feels like relivingthe cold push into this world. Hold us fast, hold us close, pull us through.We yearn to hear your voice. We long for thefamiliar touch of your hand, and […]

Recovery as a Path

What do we do when we’re struggling with addiction in our own life or a loved one’s ? Lilly Ettinger and Joe Arenella bravely share about their own recovery journeys and how they have experienced hope and life, even in the most challenging of circumstances. [Psalm 116:1-6] Reflection What is your cry to the Divine? Where might you seek reconciliation […]