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Green Pastures and Dark Valleys

Weylin Lee, Kristy Robinson and Joe Arenella reflect together on how they are receiving and integrating Psalm 23 in the context of how this past year has invited them into the green pastures and dark valleys [Psalm 23]. Reflection What are the green pastures you’re invited to remember from this past year? How have you seen glimpses of God’s grace […]

Advent: Time

As we begin the Advent season, Gideon Tsang reflects on what we are invited to spend time on and what we can use this season for [Romans 13:11-14]. Reflection How can you rest in knowing that your awakening will find you in time without your own willpower? What parts of you are being made whole in this season of Advent? […]

Advent I:Waiting in Darkness

On the first Sunday of Advent, Gideon Tsang discusses the importance of seasons of darkness in our spiritual journey, and the rhythms the church created in this season before Christmas. Reflection: Describe a time where you experienced a season of spiritual darkness. What were some lessons learned during that time? Which of the spiritual practices could you try during this […]