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Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 09.24.2017

Liturgy I thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes (I who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth day of life and of love […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 08.13.2017

Liturgy Heavenly Father, brothers and sisters in Christ, why are we here today? We seek community, we seek forgiveness, we seek understanding, we seek wholeness. Let us work together in this space to be the body of Christ, united in mind and in heart to create a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit and for our souls that long for rest. […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 09.04.2016

Liturgy The Spirit of God calls us from many places; from the places we call home and those we occupy for the time being. Yet we all come to this same place; all of us seeking God’s presence in our lives, all of us seeking God’s presence with each other, all of us seeking to work and rest in the […]