Church buildings may be the most under-utilized facilities in our country.  Early in Vox’s history, we set out to find a space that could bless our congregation so that we could in turn be a blessing to the surrounding neighborhood and city.   That placed turned out to be an abandoned building that housed Chester’s Nightclub, a BYOB bar specializing in crime, drugs, prostitution and various other not-so-family-friendly activities.

In 2007, we signed a lease on this one story building filled with cockroaches, vodka bottles and flyers for male dancer night.

In 2008, we opened Space12 up as a shared space for the city.  We found many great non-profits, faith based organizations and churches doing great things around the city.  However, they were doing these great things separate from each other.  Our hope is that Vox can facilitate collaboration with groups of all shapes, size and backgrounds while providing world class hospitality.

In 2009, we also moved our Sunday liturgy from Hyde Park into Space12.

Today we collaborate with groups such as Inside Books, Cipher, Mosaic and Allies while playing host to a wide array of activities such as neighborhood associations, art shows, local bands, film screenings and school coalitions.  As we entertain strangers (many who become friends) maybe we’ll hang out with some angels along the way.