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spiritual growth

Making Culture

Stefan Eicher visits from our partner in India (Reflection Art) and talks about how art begins with and connects us with the story of God [Genesis 1]. Reflection: How are you a maker and creator in your context and work? What would it mean for you to participate and collaborate with the story of God? What is your mark that […]

Practicing Discomfort

Weylin Lee talks about some practices of discomfort that might be helpful in our attempt to live more fully out of our true self [Luke 7:1-10]. Reflection: Who are some people that you need to practice listening to fully understand their story and lens? What are some things generating stress and worry in your life that you need to surrender? […]


John Chandler talks about the significance of Pentecost in our lives. [Acts 2:1-21]. Reflection: In what areas of life am I being invited to wait? Where do I sense God calling me now? Subscribe: Android | RSS

Receiving Grace

Gideon Tsang talks about the challenge of receiving grace in our lives and how Mary demonstrated this in her life. [Luke 1:26-38]. Reflection: Who are the messengers of grace in our lives? What are the impediments in our lives that limit our ability to receive grace? What are some practices that will help us be more aware of God’s grace […]

Being Loved and Being Left

As we continue in the season of Easter, Gena Minnix talks about how to engage secure relational practices that Jesus models for us [John 14:23-29]. Reflection: How does presence and absence affect the way we grow in our relationships? How can we practice secure relationship with God and others in how we know, trust and love God and others? How […]

Pattern of Resurrection

As we continue in the season of Easter, Gideon Tsang talks about whether we recognize the pattern of Christ’s resurrection and how we participate in it [John 13:1-17]. Reflection: What is a beautiful question you can ask about an un-beautiful moment this season? Is it hard to be fully known and loved? Why or why not? Resources: Video: Mr. Rogers […]


As we continue in the season of Easter, Jason Minnix talks about how we can practice trust in a way that cares for ourselves instead of simply accomplishing something [John 10:22-31]. Reflection: How do we take a small risk when the support is there? When do we need to reach for support in order to risk trusting? How do we […]