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Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 06.03.12

Liturgy Holy God, we thank you for your gifts of mercy and life. We remember you are a generous God, and want us to flourish and live life abundantly in your service to our world. Heavenly Father, By your remarkable gift of grace, You allow us, finite beings, to bear nothing less than the fruits of your Holy Spirit. So […]

Camping Liturgy 2012.05.27

Just a reminder that this weekend is our Vox Camping Trip. As a result, we’ll be having Sunday Liturgy outdoors at Camp Ben McCulloch. So don’t show up at Space12! We’ll have a time of solitude, celebrate eucharist, and enjoy community in the great outdoors. A light lunch will also be provided afterwards for a suggested $5 donation. If you […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 05.20.12

Liturgy God, Creator and Giver of all that is good, we thank you for our many blessings. Mindful of your generosity, we acknowledge that all we have is from you. Daily, we will offer you thanks and praise for the beauty of the earth, our work, our family and our loved ones. In the dawning of a new day, You […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 05.13.12

Liturgy The goal of our life is to live with God forever. God who loves us, gave us life. Our own response of love allows God’s life to flow into us without limit. All the things in this world are gifts of God, presented to us so that we can know God more easily and make a return of love […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 05.06.12

Liturgy O God of our hearts, You yearn to be close to us that we might know you in every breath, in every hope, in every relationship. May we in turn, draw close to one another to build your kingdom and your church. Teach us to recognize the covenant of justice, peace and love you have written on our hearts. […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 04.29.12

Liturgy Mighty God, in whom we know the power of redemption, you stand among us in the shadows of our time. As we move through every sorrow and trial of this life, uphold us with knowledge of the final morning when, in the glorious presence of your risen Son, we will share in his resurrection, redeemed and restored to the […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 04.15.12

Liturgy Love has its source in you, Creator God. It flows from you like an ocean into a world as unyielding as any shoreline cliff. And like the ocean which batters, erodes and wears away even the hardest stone, your love persists, finds cracks and inlets in hardened hearts and flows inside and works a miracle. Who would think that […]