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Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.10.08

Liturgy God, you are welcome in this place.You have blessed us beyond measureby calling us out to be your peopleand to do the work of life together. May we welcome one another into your presenceand recognize what draws us together.As we look around and see the body of Christ,many members but all one people; all living,breathing, laughing, crying, mourningand celebrating […]

Dreaming in League with God

How do we exercise power effectively and holistically? Christopher Mack examines different organizational models and what characteristics might characterize a faith community moving beyond non-hierarchy. [Philippians 4:1-7] Reflection In a crisis, where do you tend to look for safety, control, or influence? How might you seek a “loyal companion” to help facilitate an impasse in your life? Is there a […]

 Poured Out

How do we navigate the messiness of our humanity together? Kimberly Culbertson reflects on messages of codependency versus interdependency in our faith community and beyond. [2 Timothy 4] Reflection When have you been tempted to carry other people’s loads? When have you been tempted to let others carry your load? Can you make space this week to practice interdependence? To […]